Explainer: Why do reporters need shield laws?

What is a shield law, exactly? When can a government official require a reporter to disclose sources or information? Who counts as a journalist under a shield law? What types of sources or information are protected? Is there a big difference between a subpoena and a search warrant?  by Jonathon Peters CJR This is a… Read more »

Eyeing these

Here are some articles I’ve come across recently that have some impact on media and tehnology:

Built in bias

One of the biases that people rely on when they make decisions is loss aversion: like in the insurance example above, they tend to overweight small probabilities to guard against losses. Even though the likelihood of a costly event may be miniscule, we would rather agree to a smaller, sure loss — in the form… Read more »

Radio beaming in differently

Of all media, radio will undergo the most dramatic change in the coming decade, and these changes will radically transform the industry. Below are some of the most important of those changes, based in insights by various media forecasters and analysts and media buyers, and the Media Life’s radio advisory panel. (via The future of… Read more »

Chromebooks 2016

(via Ranking the 10 Best Chromebooks You Can Buy Right Now (June 2016) :: Tech :: Galleries :: Paste)

Crazy monkeys, egged on by human behavior

When monkeys lose their subsidized housing. The villagers are now being terrorised by the monkeys who have taken to destroying crops and homes, as well as starting fights among themselves. So far, only half of the Xianfeng monkeys have been recaptured and sent back to live in the wild. Experts said the remaining half are… Read more »

It’s that time of year. Pew’s State of the News

It’s that time of year. Pew’s State of the News Media is out. Eight years after the Time of Shedding and Cold Rocks sent the U.S. newspaper industry into a tailspin, the pressures facing America’s newsrooms have intensified to nothing less than a reorganization of the industry itself, one that impacts the experiences of even… Read more »

Display of information

From Digiday, an interview with Alan Smith,  data-visualization editor The team has also started using a new tool to boost efficiency: D3, an open-source visualization library that allows staff to create different versions of graphics in one go, which can then easily be used for print, online and social media. (via The Financial Times guide to data… Read more »