CUNY Journalism goes “trackless”

Jeff Jarvis on the phone
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This is a good idea. Not even ahead of its time. This is what the schools should have done several years ago. Better late, than never.

Jeff Jarvis in buzzmachine says, “At CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism we just told the students that they no longer need to commit to a media track – print, broadcast, or interactive. We believe this is the next step in convergence. All media become one.”

via What’s a medium? « BuzzMachine.

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Written by Barbara K. Iverson

Barbara K. Iverson, is a professor of New Media Journalism at Columbia College Chicago. Barbara is a "late life" journalist, who has taught elementary school, been an educational researcher, and done interactive multimedia design and production, before moving to journalism in 1999. She is putting theory into practice these days...
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