BreakingTweets.com blocked in Iran reports Editor Craig Kanalley

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I updated a Poynter E-Media Tidbits story about BreakingTweets last week, and now BreakingTweet’s founder and editor, Craig Kanalley, reports that it has been blocked in Iran. As I’ve written, BreakingTweets is a great combination of human and computer to produce news from Twitter that you can see at a glance. The BreakingTweets editor does the time-intensive searching and verification among the many, many tweets out there with #iran, etc.

On Wednesday, we had our usual hits from Tehran University and other places throughout the country, per host network stats and other information from Google Analytics.

But Thursday, our usual visitors via Google, Twitter, and other sites — none could get through. The bounce rate all of a sudden began appearing at 100% and time on the site showed as 0:00. This was in contrary to stats for previous days, when the bounce and time numbers were wide-ranging.

via Whirlwind: BreakingTweets.com blocked in Iran.