Local online news sources forming networks

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This is what we are looking to do in Chicago. Contact me if you have a Chicago-centric publication and want to meet to talk about forming a network.

With a little help from training at Knight Digital Media Center, The Sacramento Bee launches a lively network of sites and blogs that connects its users to other news sources and to each other

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, few established news organizations were thinking about befriending local news start ups and many probably wished they’d go away.

My own January 2009 post encouraging news organizations to make friends with local start ups and link to their content got lost the a fierce debate about whether aggregators were driving traffic to established sites or taking it away.

So today it’s exciting to see The Sacramento Bee in California launch Sacramento Connect, “a network of high-quality news providers and bloggers in the Sacramento region.”

via The Bee aggregates local online news sources with a new network, Sacramento Connect | Knight Digital Media Center.

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