Move to Add RFID to Student IDs Pushes Students to form Privacy Group on Facebook

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Arphid Watch: class attendance | Beyond The Beyond.

Okay, this story is like “bingo.” It is news from Arizona, where we now expect extreme authoritarianism. It has RFID used to track individuals as Northern Arizona University wants to stick a chip into student IDs so their attendance can be tracked. But are they going to stop with just checking attendence? Why not follow the RFIDs out of class, just to keep an eye on students. Perhaps they can monitor what the students buy, and cut off funds for junk food or cigarettes. What can that hurt, except everyone’s civil liberties and privacy.

The students who may not have developed a strong sense of irony yet have set up a group to protest and publicize the issue on Facebook, that bastion (and I am using irony here) of privacy.

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