John Edwards can look to Clarence Darrow’s case – John A. Farrell – POLITICO.com

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On the way to writing about other things, I came across this in Politico.com. Darrow had a lengthy career, and this was an interesting way to present his darkest moment, followed by redemptive work. I hope John Edwards can find a path out of his latest troubles that would allow him to do do good works.

And from the ashes of his ordeal, Darrow forged the grandest of American legal careers, as a champion of personal liberty and a defender of the underdog. He became, said Steffens, “the attorney for the damned.”

Broke and disgraced, Darrow returned to Chicago and took cases others would not touch. There was Isaac Bond, a black man accused of the brutal rape and murder of a young white nurse, and Edgar Hettinger, a deranged killer who slashed the throat of a woman because he wanted money to buy a bicycle. His cases also included communists, anarchists and Wobblies, snared in the reactionary fervor of World War I and the Red Scare, and Frank Lloyd Wright and the cause of sexual freedom, when the architect was pursued by federal prosecutors for violating the Mann Act, which made it a crime for unmarried couples to cross state lines.

via Opinion: John Edwards can look to Clarence Darrow’s case – John A. Farrell – POLITICO.com.