RFID lanyards track cancer patients through hospital

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And tracks the employees, too, if someone wants to do that. This is one of the uses of ARPHID that might be appropriate. If you are ill and being carted around the hospital, if wait times can be reduced, that may be positive. I only wonder how long before they dispense with lanyard and just embed the ARPHID in your body…

*Tagging patients. Given that they’re already being radiated, c’mon, a little arphid can’t hurt ‘em.

*Liking that the scanners are concealed in the ceiling, Alan Kay-style.

XECAN and Trimble Partner to Deliver ThingMagic Powered RFID Oncology Solution

Offers New Levels of Communication, Patient Safety and Reliability in Radiation Therapy; Recently Deployed by Leading Oncology Clinics

via Arphid Watch: ThingMagic in hospitals | Beyond The Beyond.