Medium Offers Publishers a Hand

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Twitter begat Medium. Now Medium is slowly courting a “…small but growing group of independent publishers who’ve seen their websites become revitalized by joining Medium.

Medium offers publishers a platform that is clean and hosted by Medium, so thus, no more WordPress or Drupaling around. Medium also offers advertising, sponsorship and membership as ways that a publisher can gain revenue from a site. Custom URLs are part of the deal, too.

Interested for your publication? Currently, there are only five publications on Medium, and there are 400 applications for the program. I’d keep my eye on this new wrinkle in the publishing ecosphere, and I’d alert anyone who wants to be a journalist to check it out, too.

Facing shutdowns and stagnating readership, independent publications are finding new life on Medium

Neil Miller was in crisis mode. At the end of 2015, the 32-year-old founder of Film School Rejects was watching the movie site he’d founded more than a decade ago slide slowly into stagnation. Traffic began to plateau. Ad-blocking cut into the site’s profits.