Excursions: Trains, Camping, and Wisconsin Fun

About a 3-hour drive from Chicago, the Toy Train Barn Museum has toy trains, plus an outdoor train you can ride around in. It is near Blackhawk Memorial Park, where camping costs $5/night on weekdays, $10/night on weekends. There are lakes and part of the Pecatonica R. in Blackhawk Memorial Park. 

Here is a map:

Medium Offers Publishers a Hand

Twitter begat Medium. Now Medium is slowly courting a “…small but growing group of independent publishers who’ve seen their websites become revitalized by joining Medium. Medium offers publishers a platform that is clean and hosted by Medium, so thus, no more WordPress or Drupaling around. Medium also offers advertising, sponsorship and membership as ways that a publisher can gain revenue from a site. Custom URLs are part of the deal, too.

Explainer: Why do reporters need shield laws?

What is a shield law, exactly? When can a government official require a reporter to disclose sources or information? Who counts as a journalist under a shield law? What types of sources or information are protected? Is there a big difference between a subpoena and a search warrant?  by Jonathon Peters CJR
This is a short and useful overview of the legal basis of “privilege” and in particular how journalists’ work is covered (or not) by privilege.