A spreadsheet

formula or value view
displays the collection by its attributes
let’s you sort and select subsets of the collection
sets up your collection so you can map or visualize its elements

A database

A collection of things with a set of characteristics you can recognize
Characteristics or attributes of things might include
date or year
material or origin
scientific name or nickname
A collection can be organized
sorted or arranged
selected or filtered

Not posting here much anymore…

Microblogging via Tumblr and setting up the new aggregator for RSS and social media feeds, Rebel Mouse, are easier ways for me to note sites and articles that I want to comment on. I’ve even embedded my Rebel Mouse in Currentbuzz. The fuller service of WP makes it ideal for running our publication, Chicagotalks.org, but it is easier to keep up with trends and share new ideas and interesting articles via the channels that lend themselves to more automated posting.