Debate about grant money with Everyblock sale to MSNBC

Journalists get snippy, maybe jealous of Everyblock buyout by MSNBC and Holovaty’s sucesss. Founder Adrian Holovaty is mainly involved these days with another open source project, Django, and his own post on the deal drew a string of attaboys from around the world. There are no reports of him tooling around his home town of Chicago in a fancy car, buying fancy threads, building a fancy home or buying Oprah Winfrey dinner. via What Everyblock owes Knight after its open source success | Open Source | Image via CrunchBase

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Hellman nonprofit to boost local news coverage

San Francisco financier Warren Hellman will invest $5 million to develop a nonprofit journalism venture that will provide regional news coverage online and feed stories to media partners including KQED and possibly the New York Times. via Hellman nonprofit to boost local news coverage. Perhaps people want news when it isn’t produced by an organization that is first concerned with the bottom line.

Content creator, Brand thyself

In fact, the next-wave Tarantinos are in Canada already — coddling not prospective buyers, but concierges, who just might steer people to promotional parties and screenings. “These guys have figured it out,” Barry Avrich, a member of the festival’s governing board, said of the do-it-yourself crowd. “They’re into all the cool hotels, to get the concierges thinking about them.”

via As Studios Cut Budgets, Indie Filmmakers Go Do-It-Yourself –

Revenue models for e-books

Image via CrunchBase

Murdoch acknowledged that the Journal recently negotiated a slightly larger share of the revenues Amazon gets from selling Kindle subscriptions to the paper, “but it’s not a big number, and we’re not encouraging it at all because we don’t get the names of the subscribers,” he said. “Kindle treats them as their subscribers, not as ours, and I think that will eventually cause a break with us.” via Murdoch’s ultimatum to Amazon: Give us Kindle subscriber names or else.

Now on YouTube – Local News –

YouTube’s push to organize local news video began in earnest in the spring when the News Near You module was introduced. The module uses the Internet address of a visitor’s computer to determine the user’s location and whether any partners are located within a 100-mile radius. If so, seven days of local videos are displayed. via Now on YouTube – Local News – For us teachers:
Meanwhile, a new breed of local news broadcasters — including ones without broadcasting licenses, the traditional barrier to entry in local markets — is emerging online.