Freelance writing’s unfortunate new model –

Philanthropic, nonprofit sites (ProPublica) will take up some of the slack, while other new models (Spot.Us) ask consumers to make micro-payments to put writers on specific local stories. Other websites (True/Slant) pay bonuses for stories and commentary, with writers getting paid more as they deliver bigger audiences. It's hard to say if any, or all, will succeed. But the sooner they can take the free out of freelance, the better. Until they do, we can only imagine what we'll be missing.

Adding structure to content – semantic web by any name

Leigh Montgomery is Librarian at The Christian Science Monitor. If you know me, you know I respect librarians and believe they have some practical and visionary ideas about information. These ideas are vital to the future of news. Here is just a snippet of what Leigh wrote in a JTM (journalism that matters) post, “…factchecked, objective, high quality information is very valuable. As the workforce becomes leaner and has to be more productive, they will be accessing the information to do their jobs in commercial databases – or in online communities with other trusted users.

Individuated Media on the Horizon – ClickZ

Borrowed from post-modern philosophy, “individuate” means individual customization on a massive scale. It’s neither the same nor the opposite of mass media. Instead, it takes media into an entirely new dimension. And it will be key for media in the 21st century. via Individuated Media on the Horizon – ClickZ.