Axis Shifting as Pole Ice Melts

Talk about the earth moving under one’s feet…
The movement of the Earth’s axis has no practical effects on humans, because it is so small. “We suspect these changes are occurring at a meter [or] a meter-and-a-half, at the most, per year,” Ivins says. But tracking the shifts in the Earth’s axis is crucial for other reasons, including GPS positioning and proper functioning of orbiting satellites. (via Melting ice is causing the Earth’s axis to shift direction | Public Radio International)

A serious problem the news industry does not talk about — We Are Hearken

A serious problem the news industry does not talk about — We Are Hearken

Now that I’ve stepped back from the newsroom/classroom culture of the journalism department, I wish I had spoken up about this more. Sometimes I was surrounded and just thought I must be a pollyanna. I didn’t do enough to fight the miasma of audience disrespect I found in journalists and journalism teachers.

Automated Reporting in Political Journalism and Polls

Automated reporting is coming to political reporting. This site uses prediction markets, econometric models and a couple of traditional kind of polling to feed into its algorithm, which then gives forecasts for upcoming elections. As of April 14th, all the methods except econometric, put the Democrats ahead in November. The PollyVote predicts the two-party popular vote-shares in US presidential elections by combining forecasts from different component methods. (via PollyVote – Evidence-based election forecasting since 2004)

Porn Withheld in Opposition to anti-LGBT Bill

A low blow, or more aptly, “no blow” for Tar Heels as large online porn site withholds its content to show its opposition to the anti-LGBT bill recently passed into law in North Carolina, a porn website that, as of Monday, is one of the world’s 100 most visited websites according to data from Alexa, is refusing to serve anyone using a computer in North Carolina. Since 12:30 p.m. Eastern time Monday, the website has appeared as a black screen for anyone with a North Carolina IP address. (via Major porn distributor delivers blow to North Carolina’s viewing pleasure)

Monkey Cowboys

(via Welcome to the Cowboy Monkey Show — MEL Magazine)

A wonderful story. How strange though, because Norm and I were just talking about monkeys riding dogs the other day…

“The monkey-dog teams will be chasing four sheep, which also travel with the show. The idea, played out night-after-night in venues like this one, is to give the collies something to chase, the monkeys something to ride and the crowd something to laugh at.”