Carbon nanotube RFID labels possibly toxic, just what environment needs now

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Arphid Watch: carbon nanotube RFID labels

* By Bruce Sterling Email Author

* March 27, 2010 |

* 12:52 pm |

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*At last: cheap throwaway possibly toxic tracking labels that are both “arphids” and “buckyjunk” at the same time.

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Not in my Knee…

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… the company will embed the tags into knee and hip replacements and use them to alert patients to any product-related concerns. “Prior to shipping prosthetic parts, Implanet embeds an RFID tag with the device model, serial number and latest info enclosed. Prior to surgery, the hospital scans the tag and IBM’s WebSphere Sensor Events software uploads the information to a server. Patients are then given the tag ID for alerts….”

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