Charting Al Jazeera’s Social Revolution (In Realtime)

realtime snapshot of what activity looked like on Al Jazeera’s English website on Friday when Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak resigned. Everyone wanted to watch and they flooded to Al Jazeera’s English website. Concurrent realtime visits spiked from about 50,000 right before noon ET to 135,371 when the snapshot above was taken. The number of people simultaneously on Al Jazeera’s website kept going as high as 200,000—that was at any given second, and translated into millions of people watching on the Web. (And this was on top of already higher traffic which had risen 2,500 percent earlier during the uprising).

Poligraft Tool for Journalists, Politicos, Voters

Poligraft is a new, geeky Web tool that the Sunlight Foundation just launched. You can plug either a URL or text into the tool and it will analyze the information and link you to groups that donate to politicians. …Let’s take a look at CNN’s story on the “buzz” over Proposition 8. When you drop that story’s URL into Poligraft, you can see how various groups mentioned in the story give money to one party or the other. via Poynter Online – Al’s Morning Meeting.

Attention Deficit Arises from Viewing, Using “Screens”

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the middle childhood cohort, those who spent a median of 3.86 hours in front of a screen had an odds ratio for developing attention problems of 1.81 (95% CI, 1.56 to 2.11). Among the sample of late adolescents and young adults, those with a median of 4.36 hours of total screen time, the odds ratio for attention problems was 2.04 (95% CI, 1.45 to 2.88). The findings suggest that the risk of attention problems could be reduced if parents limited children’s viewing and video game time to a total of two hours a day, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Swing and colleagues said. via Medical News: Attention Problems Traced to Time Spent Gaming – in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today. Related articles by Zemanta

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Map: Where Americans Are Moving –

Map: Where Americans Are Moving – Here is a social network that is shows economic and social information in a glance. I wish you could look at inward migration separate from out migration. You can roll over the lines and see the exact numbers for various paths. Here is Chicago’s map:

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