PoliticsBlog: Obama in Ghana

Image by Monde Perso via Flickr

From Politcs Online comes this cool heads-up. Now, if only our local pols would do this when they have information to share. What have Illinois pols got to fear from this? Let them answer that question. Mr. Mayor?

BreakingTweets.com blocked in Iran reports Editor Craig Kanalley

I updated a Poynter E-Media Tidbits story about BreakingTweets last week, and now BreakingTweet’s founder and editor, Craig Kanalley, reports that it has been blocked in Iran. As I’ve written, BreakingTweets is a great combination of human and computer to produce news from Twitter that you can see at a glance. The BreakingTweets editor does the time-intensive searching and verification among the many, many tweets out there with #iran, etc. On Wednesday, we had our usual hits from Tehran University and other places throughout the country, per host network stats and other information from Google Analytics. But Thursday, our usual visitors via Google, Twitter, and other sites — none could get through.

“Tinkering” around with Tweets about the White Sox

Image by biverson via FlickrCheck out my new widget, created with “Tinker” which let’s you specify a twitter search term, in this case “white sox opener” and then it will collect all the tweets on that subject. People can follow the event, too. I am not sure yet how to do the White Sox widget. Should I follow by game, or just do a general feed? I’m exploring this and figuring out the event centric focus of Tinker.

More on twittering than I have time to write

I like what Paul Bradshaw writes in general, and this compendium of the ways journalists can use twitter is one example To others it’s a social networking tool for contacts and leads, a project management tool or a research tool for developing stories.In other words it is what you make it – and the only way to figure it out is to start using it.So, his list includes: Twitter to gather news. That works. Once you are on Twitter, you begin to follow people (and they begin to follow you.) You “hear” or actually read the twitters of those whom you follow. I got keyed into an earthquake in China (not the most recent and destructive one) via twitter. I followed the Bhutto assassination via a Pakistani dentist who twitters.

Twitter and Journalism in early 2008

Journalism consists of multiple activities, from the long form to spot news. These may require different tool sets, authoring styles, talents, etc. I want to address the journalism news function of reporting breaking news, from a fire to a press conference, to any live event. Key to reporting live events, is time. How immediate can the reporting be?