Google Correlate. Political Operatives Find it Useful.

Morning Edition had a neat tech story about Google Correlate that you can listen to and get the quick summary. You can find the information you need about Google Correlate

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Systematic work processing ideas save us time and effort: Dropbox tips for authors

It’s a free service that puts a magic folder on your computer desktop. Anything you put into it magically appears in an identical folder on all your other computers. That simple concept offers a wealth of possibilities. You can work on a project at the office, then go home and pick right up from where you left off. Those same files are in the same Dropbox folder — without ever having to send them, carry them or transfer them.

A Long Read on The Google Art Project

From the Google Art Project. Image by dalbera via Flickr

Google Art Project has enabled museums to put high res images and video on line, that complement the actual art objects themselves, rather than try to replace them. This is a long read, but interesting from the perspective of a curator, about whether Google is in it for the long haul, whether a museum could do this on its own. She points out why this kind of museum will not replace the brick and mortar museum. As a journalist, I’m interested in the idea of curation.

Info Wrangling: Getting Organized, Being Productive

Image via Wikipedia is a new app that takes other apps, and let’s a non-programmer make useful mashups. It works simply enough. You choose a “trigger” which can be an kind of Internet unit – person, place, event, etc. Then you refine it, with hashtags and other filters,and then you choose an action that the trigger sets off,
…choose an action that you want a trigger to launch using a second channel. If your trigger is someone tagging you in a picture on Facebook, your action might be to have that picture automatically added to your local Dropbox folder.

Chicago Way May Come to Have Enlighted Meaning

Image via Wikipedia

At the OpenGov Chicago meetings, there is energy and excitement. Carlson, Tolva, and Goldstein have all attended. As a journalist teacher, I find encouragement to get involved with the data. And that’s what I’ll be doing this semester. there’s something new going on in the Windy City that’s worth sharing with the rest of the country and world.