Payola is still illegal so watch out bloggers

[Update] Thanks to Todd Allen of Chicago Tech News for this more nuanced discussion of the issue of payola, bloggers, journalists, and the FTC. The FTC’s definitions of who is or isn’t a blogger will be problematic I expect. The FTC
is poised to go after bloggers and the companies that fund them if they don’t disclose their payments and conflicts of interest. via Payola bloggers, FTC is watching you | ZDNet Government | articles by Zemanta Watch Out Corporate Bloggers, FTC is on to you! ( FTC To Monitor Blogs For Paid Claims & Reviews ( FTC to crack down on undisclosed “sponsored” blogging ( AP: FTC to monitor blogs for ‘tainted reviews’ (

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Met this guy at CMFC

Casey Cora. SouthtownStar – Tinley Park, Ill. Reporter – Municipal beat reporter for Oak Lawn, a village of about 60,000 on Chicago’s southwest side. I’m trying to incorporate more multimedia and Web 2.0 tools into my beat coverage, and at the newspaper’s Web site. St.

South Korean Portals Looking at Model to Pay A-List Bloggers

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In S. Korea, Daum and Naver are the big corporate powers in blogs and providing online services. Daum’sDaum ( ? which operates blogging platforms at Daum Blog ( and Tistory ( ? has had a program like “Ad Clicks” and a way for bloggers to opt in and share ad revenue. Now NHN, which operates f Naver (, the country’s most popular Web site, and SK Communications, which operates Nate (, Cyworld ( social networking services and the Egloos ( blogging platform, are also looking get in the act.

Mike Doyle notes report on local blogs and media and more.

from ChicagoNow by Mike Doyle Chicago Carless
But wait, there’s more. This Saturday (June 13th) also brings the Chicago Media Future Conference to town. Organized by Mike Fourcher, founder of Purely Political Consulting, Barbara Iverson, Columbia College journalism professor and publisher of, and Scott Smith, Senior Editor at, as a follow-up to February’s Town Hall, Saturday’s event will squarely address the question of monetizing online news. via Local Blogs Among Chicago’s Top Niche News Sites According to New Report – Chicagosphere.