Our Goverment Committed to Engagement

These are the remarks of Judith A. McHale, Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs , Vilnius, Lithuania mad on Dec. 11, 2009

This means that the old hierarchies and barriers to communication are melting away. No one holds a monopoly on information. Those who try to control it can never be successful in the long run, as the young people of Iran have so powerfully demonstrated. People across the world, in all cultures, are no longer willing to be passive consumers of information.

My Day with the Fake New York Post

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Romenesko posted about it, linking to the Gawker story, The Fake New York Post: Get Yours Now – Media – Gawker. I was there. Being a long-time admirer of the Yes Men, and the whole idea of “brand corrections” as social protest, I was pleased to be in New York at the same time as one of their social network powered events. Having participated in flashmobs when they were the rage, I have an appreciation for how you can motivate lots of diverse people to do some simple thing, and because of the reach of social media, you can produce a big “group” this way. We got a series of e-mails over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that were basically designed to get everyone on an SMS list.

I Can Has Cheezburger Provides Ideas for Journalists

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Mark Brigg’s blog brought this idea out. Filtering (POV) is going to be a paid and highly paid at that, feature of good news. There is still value for news reporters and organizations to be “source leaders.” I am one who believes that there is an important role for the professional news reporter in our society. But it is clear to me that user-generated content or crowd-sourced information is a valuable addition to news journalism because it can yield more and better information, and often faster. However, as I’ve illustrated, that information comes with a cost which is finding ways to separate the signal from the noise.

If Working with Bureaucracies was Easy, We wouldn’t Need Reporters…

Adventures in Citizen Journalism | Mother Jones. This is an interesting recounting of what happened to a guy who set out to help with a crowdsourced reporting story. So, fellow citizen journalists, I’m stumped. If I had the time, I’d head over to CalDOT District 4 in Oakland and grab some face time with ole Bob Haus, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon. Beyond my own journalistic limitations, it got me thinking, though, whether this was a fairly typical situation, and how Amanda had gotten around it in the past.