But I’m sure they didn’t do that in the US…

Brown joins a long list of Labour politicians who are known to have been targeted by private investigators working for News International, including the former prime minister Tony Blair and his media adviser Alastair Campbell, the former deputy prime minister John Prescott and his political adviser Joan Hammell, Peter Mandelson as trade secretary, Jack Straw and David Blunkett as home secretaries, Tessa Jowell as media secretary and her special adviser Bill Bush, and Chris Bryant as minister for Europe. The sheer scale of the data assault on Brown is unusual, with evidence of attempts to obtain his legal, financial, tax, medical and police records as well as to listen to his voicemail. All of these incidents are linked to media organisations. In many cases, there is evidence of a link to News International
via News International papers targeted Gordon Brown | Media | The Guardian. Related articles

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AP to cite “pajama-wearing bloggers”

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I am sitting in my pajamas, working on getting my syllabii together, and being connected. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. We live in an age of information. There is so much information, we not only can share it, but we can make money from analyzing it, creating organizational bundles of information for others who don’t have time or expertise to sort through the over-abundance of information. We can report on that information, whether we’re in pajamas or not.

OpenFile is Similar to ChicagoTalks, AustinTalks Model

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Confidentiality, Bloggers, and the TSA

The Tyranny Of Government And Our Duty Of Confidentiality As Bloggers. TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington discusses two bloggers who were recently served with subpoenas from the TSA, a government agency. One blogger refused to reveal his sources. The other, who was served as he was babysitting for his children, gave his computer over to the TSA. Arrington asserts that:
“As bloggers, we have a duty of confidentiality to our sources.