But I’m sure they didn’t do that in the US…

Brown joins a long list of Labour politicians who are known to have been targeted by private investigators working for News International, including the former prime minister Tony Blair and his media adviser Alastair Campbell, the former deputy prime minister John Prescott and his political adviser Joan Hammell, Peter Mandelson as trade secretary, Jack Straw and David Blunkett as home secretaries, Tessa Jowell as media secretary and her special adviser Bill Bush, and Chris Bryant as minister for Europe. The sheer scale of the data assault on Brown is unusual, with evidence of attempts to obtain his legal, financial, tax, medical and police records as well as to listen to his voicemail. All of these incidents are linked to media organisations. In many cases, there is evidence of a link to News International
via News International papers targeted Gordon Brown | Media | The Guardian. Related articles

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Republicans like the revolving door as F.C.C. to Join Comcast – NYTimes.com

We can try for all the open documents and open gov we want, but until we stop the revolving door where you can be rewarded by corporate interests for your behavior as a bureaucrat, they’ll be rotten apples in midst. Four months after the Federal Communications Commission approved a hotly contested merger of Comcast and NBC Universal, one of the commissioners who voted for the deal said on Wednesday that she would soon join Comcast’s Washington lobbying office. Meredith Attwell Baker, a former Commerce Department official who worked on telecommunications issues in George W. Bush’s administration, announced that she would leave the F.C.C. when her term expires at the end of June. At Comcast, she will serve as senior vice president for government affairs for NBC Universal, which Comcast acquired in January. via Meredith Attwell Baker Leaving F.C.C. to Join Comcast – NYTimes.com.

Midwest getting Bush tactic that helped him “win” in Florida

Voter surpression on the minds of governors in Midwest? It worked in the south, so why not? Where are the reporters covering the efforts to make it harder to vote in Ohio and Wisconsin? Where are the correspondents covering the voter suppression drives that could more than moot the gains the Democrats stand to capture in reaction to the heavy handed behavior of the right-wing players in states like Wisconsin, Michigan and Ohio? via The Battle For Midwest America – Where Are The Cameras And The War Correspondents?

Journalists from Netherlands Refute Wilders’ Claims

A friend of mine (and a journalist) from Holland sent me this. Echoes of some of the irrational speech that is passing for political talk in the US today. First there is the text of an email from some concerned Dutch journalists that cites facts about Holland and its Muslim population, then the text of the irresponsible Geert Wilders, a member of the Dutch Parliament. Wilders is practicing the technique that Hitler perfected, the Big Lie, repeated over and over. Responsible journalists need to be reporting on the facts over and over, to put the lie to charismatic speakers who propagandize without reference to facts.