Nutball Watch: Blackbirds fell because of DADT

Jacobs: Birds Are Dying Because of DADT Repeal | Right Wing Watch. Oh, I thought I was out there when it crossed my mind that the bird deaths were because of some military experiments. No, I was not even close to wacky, compared to this “winner.” Check out how she connects God, bird deaths, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. Related articles

Watch: Wingnut Cindy Jacobs Says Mass Bird and Fish Deaths are Because ‘DADT’ Was Repealed (

Why I Like Baseball — Nancy Faust, Retires

WBEZ remembers Nancy: Eight Forty-Eight – White Sox Organist Retires After 41 Years.  And a personal stunner – Nancy makes the NYTimes Sports pages, getting two photos and a very nice bio story. I used to just like to go see Nancy, and have her invite me into the office for a quick photo and a chat. My photos with Nancy, in her “office” at the Ball Park

In 1970, Norm and I were living together, and I’d never really paid attention to baseball. We weren’t a “sports” family. We didn’t have a TV, so Norm would listen to the White Sox on our little radio.

Wondering about David Obey’s Departure from Congress?

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A look at the district and its politics, and how it may play out with Obey’s retirement from Isaac T. Woods via Rassmussen and  Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia. As for the WI-7 race, Republicans were always high on their candidate, Sean Duffy. Now they believe the former Real World star and current district attorney has at least an even-money chance to win the seat. The NRCC has already stressed their continuing support for the first-time congressional candidate, indicating that they are unlikely to try to recruit a new candidate over his head even with the stark change in circumstances. Duffy has already raised significant amounts of money and now he will not have to pit his war chest against Obey’s significant cache.

Pat Quinn has been a reformer since the 1970s

Dan Hynes is one of the nepotism ninnies that we in Illinois allow to take office when mommy or daddy dies or retires and appoints “Junior.” Some of these lackluster clowns and clownettes might be okay or marginally competent, but WHY CAN’T THEY RUN FOR ELECTION the way my children would have to run for election? I am totally fed up with our democratic system being corrupted by those who want to institute monarchies or hereditary holds on public office. Dan Hynes father was a racist, anti-progressive, machine candidate who used his office to get his son a sinecure, that ought to have been an open election. Watch this video.

Carlos Hernandez Gomez: Remembering a Friend

To Carlos, one heckuva reporter…from


Office of the Press Secretary



January 18, 2010

Statement from the President on the Passing of Carlos Hernandez Gomez

“I was saddened to hear of the passing of Carlos Hernandez Gomez. Our
paths first crossed when I was a State Senator. He was a throwback in
the style of Chicago’s storied political reporters. He loved Chicago,
and he relentlessly sought to tell its story with the commitment to
truth and the insatiable curiosity that any good reporter has to have. I quickly learned that when you saw his sharp fedora in a crowd, hard
questions were coming.