Times advertisers are to begin paying the same rate for display advertising in the title’s tablet edition as they do in print. The agreement, reached with a number of key ad agencies, is being seen by insiders as a major breakthrough in terms of making money from digital journalism. Website advertising is typically offered at a fraction the price of print. Advertising rates on page-turning tablet editions has also so far lagged behind. The move to increase the price charged for tablet ads follows neuroscience research by News UK last year (tracking eye-ball movement and brain activity) which the company said proved tablet edition ads are at least as effective as the print equivalent.(via Digital breakthrough: Times advertisers agree to pay same rate for tablet edition as print | Press Gazette)

South Korean Portals Looking at Model to Pay A-List Bloggers

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In S. Korea, Daum and Naver are the big corporate powers in blogs and providing online services. Daum’sDaum (www.daum.net) ? which operates blogging platforms at Daum Blog (blog.daum.net) and Tistory (www.tistory.com) ? has had a program like “Ad Clicks” and a way for bloggers to opt in and share ad revenue. Now NHN, which operates f Naver (www.naver.com), the country’s most popular Web site, and SK Communications, which operates Nate (www.nate.com), Cyworld (www.cyworld.com) social networking services and the Egloos (www.egloos.com) blogging platform, are also looking get in the act.

Business & Technology | Former P-I journalists launch online news site | Seattle Times Newspaper

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The Post-Intelligencer’s last print edition was published March 17. The newspaper’s owner, The Hearst Corp., said the paper hadn’t been profitable since 2000 and showed no signs of turning around. The P-I continues as an online-only news outlet, but it employs just 20 of the 150 or so journalists who had worked for the paper. Seattlepostglobe.org has little money — about $3,000, with another $3,000 pledged. “We’re working as volunteers now,” Murakami said.

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http://blog.outside.in/2009/03/11/aggregate_curate__network/ Aggregate, Curate & Network March 11, 2009 at 7:02 pm · Filed under Announcements, General, Hyperlocal Notes· by mark Earlier this week we wrote about one person’s ideas on what newspapers need to do to survive and thrive. Today we want to talk more about the opportunity for a new model for local news, one that provides as much value to the the traditional local publisher as it does to local bloggers and hyperlocal content sources. We think there’s an opportunity for a virtuous circle where publishers connect with local bloggers and content to bring hyperlocal content and ad impressions to the publisher and traffic and revenue to the bloggers.  Make no mistake, if a new model is going to be successful it needs to be a two-way street. I was on a panel this afternoon at the Newspaper Association of America’s mediaXchange conference in Vegas (baby!) where I proposed three pillars for a new model for news. Posted via email from New Business Models for News Organizations