This is useful for sensors that cannot be deployed with a guaranteed orientation, such as those dropped from aircraft. NDSU Develops “Smart” Paper and Antennaless RFID Tags
This is more about the RFID research at North Dakota. I don’t find this comforting, either.

RFID lanyards track cancer patients through hospital

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And tracks the employees, too, if someone wants to do that. This is one of the uses of ARPHID that might be appropriate. If you are ill and being carted around the hospital, if wait times can be reduced, that may be positive. I only wonder how long before they dispense with lanyard and just embed the ARPHID in your body… *Tagging patients.

Arphid Watch: ThingMagic, RFID, social networks | Beyond The Beyond

Arphid Watch: ThingMagic, RFID, social networks

By Bruce Sterling Email Author

May 27, 2011 |

11:44 am |

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*In an alternate world there’s a cyber-situation where RFID networks are huge and social networks are a relatively minor enterprise. But here’s an arphid-Facebook mashup that oughta make Katherine Albrecht grab her microphone and yell.

“RFID + Social Networking = Reach

via Arphid Watch: ThingMagic, RFID, social networks | Beyond The Beyond.

ZDNet agrees with me RFID passports are Stupid & Risky

Panic + stupid = RFID passports

In 9/11’s aftermath panic ruled the nation’s domestic security bureaucracies, Congress and the White House. Paranoid mid-level bureaucrats were given free rein to “innovate” and guess what popped up? RFID tags in your passport. And now they are adding them to driver’s licenses too. via RFID passports: a tragedy waiting to happen | Storage Bits |