OhmyNews calls on readers for funding – a contributor reacts | Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog

OhmyNews, the South Korean-led citizen journalism venture, is appealing to contributors and readers for money, according to an open letter from its publisher Oh Yeon-ho (via MediaGuardian.co.uk)

via OhmyNews calls on readers for funding – a contributor reacts | Journalism.co.uk Editors’ Blog. Times are hard everywhere. Lee Myung-bak is no fan of Ohmynews, which supported the late Roh Moo-hyun. Where Ohmynews was once one of a kind, it now faces competition. I’m not sure the citizen brigade will be enough to keep it solvent.

The daily roundup: a second dose of link journalism from bloggers | BeatBlogging.Org

And it’s a very simple post that any journalist can do. It doesn’t take much time, can drive serious traffic and provides additional content and insight for readers. With sites/tools like Publish2, link journalism has become incredibly easy. Most journalists and bloggers eventually call it a day (except, it seems, for a few tech bloggers). But people don’t stop consuming content just because content producers have gone home for the day.

ProPublica | Eye on the Bailout

ProPublica | Eye on the Bailout. From pro to am, journalist to citizen journalist, here is a resource from the nonprofit ProPublica that puts transparency into the bailout process. From a widget that lets you see if your bank is getting money, to a timeline showing how got where we are now, to a searchable database of recipients of the aid. There is more. Head over, bookmark the site, and get busy checking to see if yours

Citizen Blogging Boosts Zimon into Local Politics

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Story from womensenews.org

By WeNews correspondent, Jackie Bischof

Jill Miller Zimon’s citizen journalism — which includes monitoring Rush Limbaugh’s recent outreach to female detractors–has spurred her to run for a city council seat in Pepper Pike, Ohio. “Any resident can help make our city better,” she says. via Citizen Blogging Boosts Zimon into Local Politics.