Digital Distractions not Novel, Remember Ahab?

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I feel like saying “what she said” to this short piece from the NYTimes Magazine by Virginia Heffernan. Her point is that there is nothing new about being so into one idea, game, book, or anything, that you igore everything else. Think Ahab’s unhealthy obsession with Moby Dick, or revisit Tom Sawyer who fidgets in church, but finds the world a wonder of interesting attractions. The trouble with technology and teaching isn’t whether computers are changing the children’s brains, it is that our schools are changing EXPLICIT curriculum, but are blind and ignore the IMPLICIT or hidden curriculum that comes with the way our school systems organize most education today. The problemĀ  is *not* technology and some mysterious brain wave patterns and an illusive attention “span” norm.

5 Ways Tech Startups Can Disrupt the Education System

a list of the 5 disruptive things ed-tech startups are doing. I would love to hear your thoughts – as educators, as entrepreneurs – on what other metrics you might use for evaluating this disruption. After all, if as Bill Gates suggests that in five years the best education will come from the web, we should probably consider now what we want that education to look like if it’s to be different than just an online version of that old factory model. via 5 Ways Tech Startups Can Disrupt the Education System. What are the five things?