From Feder: Who Is the Journalist Show at Medill

Who Is the Journalist? The Past, Present, and Future of News, on display through September 2 at Northwestern University Library in Evanston. If the powers that be had gone to such lengths to devalue the word “journalism,” how would they reflect my beloved profession and its heritage to the masses? The developer and curator of the exhibit was Lavine’s predecessor as dean, Loren Ghiglione, a wise and thoughtful man who’s now a full-time professor at Medill. Using a fascinating array of artifacts, clippings, books, videos and other materials, the free, self-guided walk-through raises thought-provoking questions for anyone who cares where the news business is headed.

Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr – The best journalism-job want ad ever ever.

The best journalism-job want ad ever ever. You should, like, strongly consider applying to work for this guy:

We want to add some talent to the Sarasota Herald-Tribune investigative team. Every serious candidate should have a proven track record of conceiving, reporting and writing stellar investigative pieces that provoke change. However, our ideal candidate has also cursed out an editor, had spokespeople hang up on them in anger and threatened to resign at least once because some fool wanted to screw around with their perfect lede. via Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr – The best journalism-job want ad ever ever..

J-Lab’s Jan Schaffer on the Future of News

In this future, both professional and amateur journalists will need to engage in more than just journalism, however. They must engage in new kinds of “news work” to serve their audiences. News work? Fact entrepreneurs? Credit goes to Columbia University doctoral student Chris Anderson for these new terms. They help us understand that journalism in the future must involve more than just gathering, validating and writing news stories.

Wikileaks proposal for journalism haven goes to Iceland MPs Feb. 16

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Measures in the IMMI include legal protection for sources and whistleblowers and the protection of communications between sources and journalists. 'Transparent nation'

The proposals also include steps to end so-called “libel tourism”, the practice of pursuing libel actions in the most favourable legal jurisdiction irrespective of where the parties are based. But legal threats are faced not just by journalists, but by publishers, internet hosts and other “intermediaries”, Wikileaks said. As a result, the proposals include plans to clarify the protection for “mere conduits”. via BBC News – Wikileaks and Iceland MPs propose ‘journalism haven’.

Attention Young Journalists: Here’s Opportunity Knocking in Chicago

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Well, they don’t mention money, but it doesn’t say these are without remuneration either. I’m heartened to see that the Tribune is now defining reporting today pretty much the same way I would. They are asking for 12-15 clips. If you are short some clips, I encourage you to submit some stories to, an edited community and citizen journalism news site for Chicago. If I were doing this, I’d look to the business reporter opening.