Makers Will Change Everything

Remember Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan? Here come the makers. The thingiverse is stocking up on designs you can download. You can create designs using Google SketchUp…the future is always here. We just forget that sometimes.

What Women Want

This is wonderful. I’ve been messing around with computers and ideas for weaving, fabric, and clothing since the days of Z-Grass and vector general before the Mac. It’s about time someone did this. Thinking about it further, though, I like that you can get the dress made for you, or generate a paper pattern and make it yourself. How about a DIY maker* that would create the dress in either a paper-fabric, sort of like Tyvec, or some other kind of fabric that could be layered, as the maker machines require.

Look, the future is here now. It’s just not big-time yet.

3-D printers can make it as easy to create small objects out of plastic as it is to print text on a sheet of paper. But until recently, they cost a few thousand dollars, putting them of the reach of crafting enthusiasts. Now a wave of open source desktop prototyping devices such as Makerbot and RepRap are trying to change that. They are fairly inexpensive and backed by a robust community that is happy to share designs, tips and mods. Hobbyists call it ‘having China on your desktop.’

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