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Includes a cryptic chart, but suggests where we’ve been and where we are going as far as our interactions with Internet go. via Mapping the Current Web Transition – ReadWriteWeb. Related articles by Zemanta

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SMART Table in my Classroom – Pass Me That Video | Space for me to explore

Okay, I have been known to write about the “big ass table” in sarcastic posts. I was set to let loose on it again, but here is an elementary teacher who has used the device in a literacy project. When the table is used with thought and appropriately, it demonstrates that the media is the message. The process of working with the archival materials is transformed into a new kind of learning experience because of the interaction of content with medium. Students viewed and organized archival videos and images of Victorian England on the SMART table, and Tom Barrett, the teacher who is blogging about using the table observes, “It is the blurring of that physical and digital space that I am intrigued with.

ProPublica | Eye on the Bailout

ProPublica | Eye on the Bailout. From pro to am, journalist to citizen journalist, here is a resource from the nonprofit ProPublica that puts transparency into the bailout process. From a widget that lets you see if your bank is getting money, to a timeline showing how got where we are now, to a searchable database of recipients of the aid. There is more. Head over, bookmark the site, and get busy checking to see if yours