AP to cite “pajama-wearing bloggers”

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I am sitting in my pajamas, working on getting my syllabii together, and being connected. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. We live in an age of information. There is so much information, we not only can share it, but we can make money from analyzing it, creating organizational bundles of information for others who don’t have time or expertise to sort through the over-abundance of information. We can report on that information, whether we’re in pajamas or not.

Virtual Goods Worth More than Real News: Curmudgeon 08/27/2010

in 2014 Americans will be spending $1.5 billion on online newspaper subscriptions and $5 billion on imaginary objects. Maybe I find this ridiculous because I’m a reporter and my sympathies lie with the newspaper industry. via MediaPost Publications Virtual Goods Worth More than Real News: Curmudgeon 08/27/2010. So this does sound like “amusing ourselves to death,” “fiddling while Rome burns,” doesn’t it? Folks will spend money in virtual worlds, to buy everything from a hot avatar to a pig for their Farmville, but they can’t or won’t pay for news.

Attention Young Journalists: Here’s Opportunity Knocking in Chicago

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Well, they don’t mention money, but it doesn’t say these are without remuneration either. I’m heartened to see that the Tribune is now defining reporting today pretty much the same way I would. They are asking for 12-15 clips. If you are short some clips, I encourage you to submit some stories to Chicagotalks.org, an edited community and citizen journalism news site for Chicago. If I were doing this, I’d look to the business reporter opening.

Mike Doyle notes report on local blogs and media and more.

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But wait, there’s more. This Saturday (June 13th) also brings the Chicago Media Future Conference to town. Organized by Mike Fourcher, founder of Purely Political Consulting, Barbara Iverson, Columbia College journalism professor and publisher of ChicagoTalks.org, and Scott Smith, Senior Editor at Playboy.com, as a follow-up to February’s Town Hall, Saturday’s event will squarely address the question of monetizing online news. via Local Blogs Among Chicago’s Top Niche News Sites According to New Report – Chicagosphere.

Poynter Online – Romenesko

We will begin to move away from putting all of our newspaper content online for free. Instead, we will explore a variety of premium offerings that apply real value to our print content. We are not trying to invent new premium products, but instead tell our existing print readers that what they are buying has real value, and to our online audience
via Poynter Online – Romenesko. Will you bother to pay for news from a news website? Hasn’t the old horse left the barn on this one?