Imagine Embedding RFID Chips in Soldiers: Medicine or Surveillance?

An update from Katherine Albrecht who writes about threats and dangers from what she calls “spy chips” or RFID chips. This one has a basis in a government report from DARPA. The possible pro: doctors could use a chip that was embedded in soldier’s body to monitor vital signs and track illness, etc. The possible cons: Just like you can be tracked through your cellphone, with a chip like this embedded in your body, you could be tracked. As far as the control goes, I don’t think the chip can control a person.

Carbon nanotube RFID labels possibly toxic, just what environment needs now

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Arphid Watch: carbon nanotube RFID labels

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* March 27, 2010 |

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*At last: cheap throwaway possibly toxic tracking labels that are both “arphids” and “buckyjunk” at the same time.

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Arphie the arphid, & a Look into the Future – New Media Research Studio

Would you have a chip implanted in your body to address a disability? Would you implant one for convenience? If one is not enough, how many are too many? Arphids are not neutral technology though it is easy to miss the point where having one on a credit card morphs into an implant…. We haven’t warmed to the idea yet, but the idea of implanted chips isn’t a totally crazy one.

Excellent podcast on privacy risks of RFIDs

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Excellent podcast on privacy risks of RFIDs. From boingboing and Surveillance Nation. I love the image of “every dude walking around with a thirty foot cloud of data emanating from his pants is so tantalizing that it invites sinister conspiracies.” If you haven’t read about RFID tags, you might want to. Got a passport?