AP to cite “pajama-wearing bloggers”

Image by biverson via Flickr

I am sitting in my pajamas, working on getting my syllabii together, and being connected. This would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. We live in an age of information. There is so much information, we not only can share it, but we can make money from analyzing it, creating organizational bundles of information for others who don’t have time or expertise to sort through the over-abundance of information. We can report on that information, whether we’re in pajamas or not.

How to Mobile-Optimize Website

How to Mobile-Optimize a WordPress Website

by PrabhasPokharel

Publishing for the mobile web is an important way to reach audiences on mobile phones. This screencast demonstrates an easy-to-use tool that can enable many content producers pubish for the mobile web. WordPress.org has developed software which lets many around the world create websites fairly easily. This tool, the WordPress Mobile Pack, makes it easy for those web publishers to now publish on the mobile web. In this short how-to video, we show easy it is install the WordPress Mobile Pack and generate a mobile version of websites, along with pointers to the more advanced features of the software.

Contest for Non-Profits to get Beyond Paper

Is your nonprofit a leader in paperless fundraising? Have you had success using digital tools and techniques to raise money? Through the Paperless Choice Challenge, we are rewarding successful, creative, and replicable campaigns that use email, websites, video, social media, widgets, and mobile —

anything that is moving your organization away from traditional paper-based direct mail fundraising. 4 prizes totalling $20,000 will be awarded to organizations demonstrating innovation and results in paperless fundraising. The Paperless Choice Challenge will be open for entries starting June 1st with the submission period ending August 16th, 2010.