I had posted these, but when I changed my blog style, I lost them. These are eclectic but excellent links to a wide variety of sites:
Earth As Art
Daily and Overall Internet Population
Wired News: Indian Villagers Pedal Wireless
Illusions and Demos
802.11Hotspots.com, a directory of public 802.11 hotspots
Guardian Unlimited | Special reports
Shirky: Weblogs and Publishing
Smart Mobs – The Next Social Revolution by Ho…
Wired News: Mobile Junkies Reshaping Society?
Economist.com | Internet topologyMIT OpenCourseWare | Home
SBC Pacific Bell Knowledge Network Explorer :…
Cyber NewseumPOLITPROP: Propaganda Media
SearchDay – Google News Search Leaps Ahead – …
NewsWatch | Diversity Style Guide
SmartSite by ZODGlobal Connections Home | PBS
Milestones for Peace
Digital Needle – A Virtual Gramophone
Product Placements Go Interactive in Video Games
Copyright Hurdles Confront Selling of Music online.
About ownership and artists::: NPG MUSIC CLUB :::
Dot-Columnist- Online video games
AlterNet: 12 Things to Do Now About Corporations
Cronies in Arms
Digital pilgrim
Noah Wardrip-FruinTry out some the deconstructed browser & auto-interactive aspects of the program.

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