Yesterday I set up my RSS newsfeeds again. I used Radio Userland for a couple of years when it was free, but my aim then was to use the feeds to have interesting items for my blog. I never quite got the whole process together. In this new iteration of my “nose for the news about news” blog, I am using blogger to write the blog, and another RSS program (free, not Radio Userland this time) to get the feeds.

There are so many possible feeds, one of the hardest things is going through all the channels and experiementing to find which are worth signing up for and which aren’t.

Here’s what the Poynter guy, Steve Outing is saying to newsies about RSS. I must admit that the OJR piece made me set up an RSS newsfeed again. The technology gets so much easier to use as these tools move from the stage of someone’s vision to everyday use.

Why You Should Know RSS
If you’re a Web news publisher, you should know about RSS (Rich Site Summary, also sometimes called Really Simple Syndication), a simple and inexpensive content syndication method that’s getting increasingly popular. Primarily used by “geeks” till now for monitoring news from many websites, RSS newsreaders are becoming more mainstream. So says J.D. Lasica in a must-read Online Journalism Review piece. He does a good job of educating us all on why RSS is important to news publishing operations.

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