Digital Native gives digital immigrant a "heads up."

Note: contains personal anecdote, but may be useful anyway.

Also called “the millenials” that wacky group of folk about 29 or younger, are more connected than some Boomers like myself. I was using Gmail and I finally figured out how to use iChat. Then more time passed and I realized the little green dot meant someone was online and I could chat with them.

My son was online. I sent him some messages, and in my Boomer fashion, I was expecting a reply ASAP. I got an explanation and I share it with everyone. If you are a digital native, tell your Boomer parents and their friends about this. If you are Boomer, just take it to heart and try and at least have a semblance of digital cool.

My son: i was out
but yes we had quite a nice lunch

this is how instant messaging works, you say something i answer 10 or fifteen minutes later at my convenience

Okay, now I get it.

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