Journalism That Matters – at Poynter Institute

I've been at Journalism that Matters "unconference" at Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida since Sunday, March 1st. Unlike some other styles of conferences or workshops, this one has been very attention and interaction heavy. There's been little time to sit around and blog about the conference, because I've been talking or working with people, non-stop. There is a big session in the morning, and then three sessions through the day, a wrap session, and then dinner.

Whew. There are a couple of entrepreneurs here, and I've seen a couple of useful sites — Ameritocracy and Newsgarden — which I think are still in beta, but will be public soon. Leigh Montgomery, research librarian from the Christian Science Monitor, showed some fascinating work the is doing. They are really using their archives effectively and they have a couple of wonderful multimedia projects.

The journalism educators who are here, are a good bunch. I've been on the go, from morning to night, and I am exhausted. No partying for me tonight. Tom Stites is talking about the Banyon project, but it is late…There are lots of interesting things to summarize…tomorrow.

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