Is Twitter Going to Replace RSS for News Sites?

6 CNN on twitter and more
Image by biverson via Flickr

Newspapers: turn off your RSS feeds | Online Journalism Blog.

Interesting story that looks at how many subscribers various news paper sites have — that is RSS feed subscribers. The suggestion is that twitters are more effective for attracting eyeballs.

I think I may agree with this idea. I know I have collected an interesting list of sites’ RSS feeds and I’ve got them in a folder as live bookmarks. Yet, do I systematically read them? Not as often or as systematically as I’d like. It is just pretty time-consuming to go through them all at one sitting.

I do, however, have several Twitter clients which I can run in the background, and glance at as they show up. There are lots of notes that do attact my attention and if a headline has a URL with it, I’ll often check it out.

This sounds like a good thing to make into an assignment for my students who I’ll ask to compare and contrast and reflect on which method is most satisfying to them as users, and which seems more effective for a publisher.

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