Metagaming. Interesting.

SEATTLE - OCTOBER 4: Spectators and referees w...
Image by Getty Images via Daylife

World of Warcraft players leveled 1 to cap hang out in front of Iron Forge and dance. Fallout 3 players seek out new and elaborate ways of destroying their avatar. Brawlers in Smash Brothers have an itchy pause finger ready to catch any humiliatingly hilarious screen grabs. The thugs running rampant in Grand Theft Auto are putting Evil Knievel to shame by using a full assortment of vehicles to pull off some incredible stunt work. Personally, I like to collect and move things. My favorite is making piles of bodies in any game that doesn’t make them vanish and lets me move them around. Metal Gear is very good for it but I’ve found that Tenchu was the best for this hobby. Ever catch yourself doing something in game that isn’t exactly part of the game or just really dumb?

via Vs.: Why do we metagame? | Sleeper Hit.

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