My Day with the Fake New York Post

Bryant Park
Image by biverson via Flickr

Romenesko posted about it, linking to the Gawker story, The Fake New York Post: Get Yours Now – Media – Gawker.

I was there. Being a long-time admirer of the Yes Men, and the whole idea of “brand corrections” as social protest, I was pleased to be in New York at the same time as one of their social network powered events.

Having participated in flashmobs when they were the rage, I have an appreciation for how you can motivate lots of diverse people to do some simple thing, and because of the reach of social media, you can produce a big “group” this way.

We got a series of e-mails over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, that were basically designed to get everyone on an SMS list. Once the action starts, coordination continues via SMS messages, such as “More people needed at the Staten Is. Ferry.”

At 4 a.m. some volunteers that did not include me, set out to pick up the papers at three distribution sites, and take them to the commuter locations where other volunteers handed them out. I checked out the Grand Central Station site.

At 11 there was another brief meeting in Bryant Park, and I passed out copies of the “special” edition of the Post there. I had to go to the airport, but the volunteers stayed around to greet U.N. reps who had been meeting in the NYC Library there at Bryant Park.

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