Get a WAP and Mobile App: Advice to Media

Mr. Bowman suggested media companies and marketers need to think about both mobile apps and mobile websites. Unlike applications, mobile sites work across all wireless phone carriers and devices, but they’re a bigger haystack for consumers to sift through to find the brand they want. While there are millions of websites, there are only 81,000 iPhone apps, he said.

“Trying to get your content discovered on the web is very, very difficult,” he said. “But 81,000 in the wireless world is a thimble … a small thimble.”

Plus, he points out, you can charge for an application. And he said when it comes to figuring out how much to charge, just put it out there — “if it doesn’t work, take it down, rework it, try it again. You can always make adjustments.”

via Mobile Marketing: Brands Need Apps and a WAP Site – Advertising Age – Digital.

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