Rules of Social Netiquette and mobile phones

Let’s start with four fundamental rules of social netiquette:

1. The golden rule. If the roles were reversed, would you be happy? If not, don’t do it. (Remember this from kindergarten?)

2. Don’t deceive and don’t lie. If you get caught, you’ll be sorry, since you’re destroying trust. This is rarely worth it.

3. Balance your own needs with those of others. You are important, but not the most important. If your boss needs your help — or your staff does — how will you balance those needs with yours?

4. Your habits are your own problem. If you have a drinking problem, that doesn’t mean you can whip out a bottle in the meeting (unless it’s on ‘Mad Men’). Same with your compulsive need to check email. If you can’t stop, get counseling.

via Social Netiquette: Is It OK to Use a Phone in Meetings? – Advertising Age – DigitalNext.

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