Time to Speak Out on Net Neutrality

As our elected representatives line up on “Net Neutrality” and regulation of the Internet by the FCC, consider several important things. First, how much do these people know about high tech? Second, how much have the companies that have a stake in the outcome and regulation of FCC given to the various legislators. Net Neutrality is a natural resource concept. It is a public good, not a private commodity. The companies that run the “tubes” should NOT be in the content business. If your rep is introducing bad legislation, let them know you don’t like it.

WASHINGTON, October 31, 2009 – This week Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., added to the growing number of network neutrality-related bills when she filed legislation that would ban the Federal Communications Commission from regulating internet access, as proposed last week by Chairman Julius Genachowski.

via Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn Files Latest Anti-Net Neutrality Bill | BroadbandCensus.com.

Learn about why net neutrality is important for journalists, artists, parents, religious people, atheists, conservatives, liberals, green party members, Republicans, Democrats — all of us who are Americans and want our country to remain a competitor in the global economy.

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