What’s good for AP is criminal for Google?

Danny Sullivan in Daggle reports that the AP scanned Palin’s book and TPM has the memo about it. AP did it so they could scan and in effect cherry-pick quotes (see Frank Rich on how few are reading the Palin tome) and thus it would appear that what AP attacks as criminal when Google does it, is okay for AP.

journalism is a commercial use as well. AP members carrying those reports made money off of the ads. And Palin could argue that AP, by cherry-picking out of her book before the AP was given a review copy and permission, has leeched off her content and devalued the news value in it in the same way the AP complains others do to its stories. Folks pushing that “hot news” laws need to be updated, take note of a news case study, how the AP dealt with Palin’s book.

via AP Scans Sarah Palin Book Without Permission; Look Out Google Book Search.

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