Attention Deficit Arises from Viewing, Using “Screens”

Game Over (video game)
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the middle childhood cohort, those who spent a median of 3.86 hours in front of a screen had an odds ratio for developing attention problems of 1.81 (95% CI, 1.56 to 2.11). Among the sample of late adolescents and young adults, those with a median of 4.36 hours of total screen time, the odds ratio for attention problems was 2.04 (95% CI, 1.45 to 2.88).

The findings suggest that the risk of attention problems could be reduced if parents limited children’s viewing and video game time to a total of two hours a day, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Swing and colleagues said.

via Medical News: Attention Problems Traced to Time Spent Gaming – in Pediatrics, ADHD/ADD from MedPage Today.

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