Why I Like Baseball — Nancy Faust, Retires

WBEZ remembers Nancy: Eight Forty-Eight – White Sox Organist Retires After 41 Years.  And a personal stunner – Nancy makes the NYTimes Sports pages, getting two photos and a very nice bio story. I used to just like to go see Nancy, and have her invite me into the office for a quick photo and a chat.

My photos with Nancy, in her “office” at the Ball Park

In 1970, Norm and I were living together, and I’d never really paid attention to baseball. We weren’t a “sports” family. We didn’t have a TV, so Norm would listen to the White Sox on our little radio. Initially, I didn’t listen, but then I noticed that when Rudy or Vance Law came up, the organist (Nancy) would play, “I Fought the Law.” When Jim Morrison came up, she’d play “Light My Fire.” All her little riffs on players’ names and song titles served to get me listening. Within two or three years, I actually started listening to the game. After 30 some years, I’m a fan. All because of Nancy Faust. Good by and thanks, go my favorite member of the White Sox.

See my video featuring Nancy and her music, along with another White Sox luminary, Roger Bossard, grounds keeper.

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