How big is the game world – what an interesting lesson this would make

World of Warcraft Cosmic Map, showing Azeroth ...
Image via Wikipedia

If I taught high school, I would so create lessons in English, Math, Physics, and probably gym class doing this kind of thought and mental exercise to explore various digial/virtual worlds in games. Excellent post here.

I used some of the globe images of Azeroth from around the game world to estimate that the southern pole was roughly half the distance from the southern coast of the EK as ICC was from the northern coast. Flying the route took me 9 minutes 39 seconds, which at an the 31.57 yards per second reported by the macro (~65 MPH), is slightly over 10 miles. Estimating that his is roughly half the distance along a great circle of the planet (of which my route is roughly along, if the we assume that only the oceans have been distorted by the projection), gives an estimated pole-to-pole distance of 25 miles, or a 50 mile circumference. This boils down to an 8 mile radius.

via Azeroth: A Small Problem – Forums – World of Warcraft.

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