From Storify, to Storyful, Tumblr and iPhone only, Color, tools that let a clever or opinionated, or journalistically inclined individual “curate” the firehose of news we all get from the Web are coming online. Use a blog, first, to get smart about a subject and to make yourself an expert in an area. This is the sedentary version of building a beat. You don’t hit the pavement and coffee shops, you virtually explore. So, you know who to follow on Twitter, and you’ve set up a couple of “lists” and perhaps you use FriendFeed, and Facebook. What is the next step? Try out a curating agent that let’s you easily pull the little tidbits, tweets, and strands of information together into a news feed. Now you can build an audience, and maybe even charge for your insights.

How journalists will curate the web

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