Hi my friends,
I’m writing this email from Damascus, Syria
you are probably not used to get such emails from me, but today was extreme in Damascus, not because of the killing but because of the brutal arrests. Today over 80 activists were arrested in Damascus alone, 32 of them are from my close friends and members of our network. the arrest happened in Damascus city center (Shallan) the plan was for those activists to wear white cloth and just walk in the street because it’s very dangerous to organize a protest against the regime brutality in Damascus center so activists decided not to gather or chant, just walk alone without grouping in a street, but since there was a facebook page for this event asking people to wear white cloth and walk silently in that street. security forces arrested every single guy/girl who was wearing white cloth between 6 and 7PM the time of the event. just wanted to share with you how it look like to be an activist here. Thanks for reading

From an activist in Syria, via Joi Ito’s Google+

Joichi Ito – Google

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