Chicago Way May Come to Have Enlighted Meaning

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At the OpenGov Chicago meetings, there is energy and excitement. Carlson, Tolva, and Goldstein have all attended. As a journalist teacher, I find encouragement to get involved with the data. And that’s what I’ll be doing this semester.

there’s something new going on in the Windy City that’s worth sharing with the rest of the country and world.

“Appointing Tolva and Goldstein was one of the biggest ways in which Rahm has followed through,” said Virginia Carlson, president of the Metro Chicago Information Center (MCIC), in an interview this summer. “The two of them make for a powerhouse, with Brett helping with releasing the data, in terms of the APIs and the time he’s spent with the community.”

via Opening government, the Chicago way – O’Reilly Radar.

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