A Long Read on The Google Art Project

Bonaparte sur "Google Art Project"
From the Google Art Project. Image by dalbera via Flickr

Google Art Project has enabled museums to put high res images and video on line, that complement the actual art objects themselves, rather than try to replace them. This is a long read, but interesting from the perspective of a curator, about whether Google is in it for the long haul, whether a museum could do this on its own. She points out why this kind of museum will not replace the brick and mortar museum. As a journalist, I’m interested in the idea of curation. When breaking news is captured by the crowd via mobiles, that refocuses the serious journalist on analysis and general sense-making regarding ideas. Curating, the things people need to know about, verifying, and balancing the barrage of unmediated information from the Web.

On February 1 of this year, Google launched its much-heralded Art Project in partnership with 17 museums from Europe and the U.S. Despite the limited content and a long wish-list of enhancements, the Google Art Project offers a glimpse of innovative new ways for museums to use and be used on the Web, collaboratively.

via The Google Art Project | Curator.

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